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Teen Kelly Galleries - all of them!

Posted on: 02/20/2005
In: Chef's Porn, Teen Models, Free Picture Galleries

We have just got all the galleries ever released by Teen Kelly! That’s right, all 70 something galleries, picture galleries and video galleries! Yay! If you don’t know who “Teen Kelly” is click the pic below and get your cock out cause your gonna be stroking it to her hot little ass!

click here for all of teen kelly

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Paris Hilton’s Sidekick hacked!

Posted on: 02/19/2005
In: Chef's Porn, Celebrities

view hacked hilton picsParis Hilton did it again.. she got her T-mobile famous sidekick hacked into, and now all her celeb friends are gonna have to change their numbers, about 500 of them! Plus she had a couple juicy pics of herself on there… yummay!!

She had that Sidekick hacked once, and whether or not it’s happened a second time, someone’s finally pulled the data and posted it all up online. They managed to dig up dirty camphone shots (right alongside shots of her holding a baby and hanging out with kids—oh, Paris), her notebook, and her address book, which has had such high-brow, mover-and-shaker entries as: Christina Aguilera, Devo Aoki, Fred Durst, Jermaine Dupri, Vicki Gotti, Stephen King, David Lachappelle, Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Ashlee Simpson, Twiggy, Usher, and Vin Diesel. (We have a feeling she might not be getting some of those digits again once they’ve changed.) Anyone care to guess which ones she hasn’t done a tape with?

What Kind of Porn do you want to see on Ebaked?

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Britney Boob Slip (almost)

Posted on: 02/18/2005
In: Chef's Porn, Celebrities

Ok, so it’s not a full boob slip or a 100% nipple slip, but it’s enough that it would have made you drop trou’ in the middle of the show store to “capitalize” on the moment and the spectacle of what I like to call “Boob Hangage” which occurs when girl think they can skip the bra and wear loose shirts, as soon as they bend over, their tits are in full spectacle! Check it out!

nice boot britney!nice boob britney!

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TeenTopanga - You just got Ebaked!

Posted on: 02/14/2005
In: Chef's Porn, Teen Models, Free Picture Galleries

Tonight’s recipe calls for some furious mouse clicking and plenty of one handed typing courtesy of my latest ebaked adventure “Teen Topanga”

Teen Topanga is an interesting character, apparently she turned 18 and just started “experimenting” with her body. Experimenting?? What is she doing? Is she injecting herself with some experimental cancer treatments? Cutting off a hand and seeing how long it takes to regenerate? I dunno, but lets see what she has to say:

Hi my name is Topanga. I’m 18 and just started college down here in Sothern California. All my friends have always said that I would be famous one day, and maybe with your help I will be. I’ve been experimenting with my body for a few years now and I’m starting to get real good at it. I like to try a lot of new things including playing with my girlfriends. I hope you will join my site and most importantly,
I hope you like what you see. XOXOXO

ahh, reading those little fake bios is like a warm oven mitt around my cake batter spurting icing dispenser.

teentopanga free gallery teentopanga free gallery
teentopanga free pic teentopanga free gallery
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Momma, don’t let your kids go on Spring Break!

Posted on: 02/08/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Videos with Nudity

So I was watching this really hot “Girls Gone Wild” type of spring break video clip. Too hot college chicks stripping for a group of guys, touching eachother and getting all freaky and then in the background I spotted… well just watch the kid in the background.

Click to play video

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