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God Bless 16 year olds & Video Cameras!

Posted on: 03/30/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Please keep hands and feet in the car at all times. The internet would be really fucking boring if it weren’t for dipshit 16 year olds getting video cameras for christmas and shit. Fucking ouch, if he lives guess he’ll be a flatface motherfucker from now on. OUCH!

Kid mashes face in

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Sandee Westgate & Amanda Lexx LESBOS!

Posted on:
In: Chef's Porn, Hot Models

Sandee Westgate & Amanda Lexx are two smoking hot blonde chicks that swing both ways, busty hot blondes! The Chef wants to pop his Cadberry Cream egg all over their faces and watch em lick it off eachothers bread baskets. Thanks BadGirlsBlog for finding these hottiez!

Sandee Westgate and Amanda Lexx gallery   Sandee Westgate gallery
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Star Wars Episode 3 Spoof Video

Posted on:
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Don’t know who made this, but this is one of the best and most elaborate Star Wars parody videos I have ever seen- Star Wars Episode 3 - Lost Hope Does a marvelous job at poking fun at the last 3 offerings from Lucas who obviously has gone quite mad playing with his nuts at the Lucas ranch. What the fuck was this bloated dipshit thinking when he came up with that fuck “JarJar” character, I mean he went from super cool shit to that Jamaican negro wannabe alien tard. Anyways, I wish I made this video, and I hope to fuck someone emailed him a link to this!

Revenge of the sith spoof video

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Gimme T-shirts or Give me death!

Posted on:
In: Chef's News, Funny Story

Apparently there is a whole new breed of censorship in this country. Many of you who know the chef know of his T-shirt site SaltyTees.com rude and funny T-Shirts blah blah blah. Anyways, The Chef tried to get 4 T-shirts printed and got turned down by 6 local and national T-shirt press companies stating these 4 designs we “blasphemous, obscene, insesitive, and anti-American“. Now I can understand the “Pet My Pussy” T-shirt being a bit obsene, the “Tsunami 04′ Tour T-shirt” is I guess a bit insesitive and “Virgin Eater” can be construed as “blasphemous” although I never read anything in the bible saying Jesus can’t be pictured with some naked chicks on a T-shirt. Then how the fuck is having a pic of George Bush on a Tee that says “Persistent Vegetative State” anti-american?? Poking fun at the president, especially one so pokable as GW is one of america’s favorite past times! Anyways, the last printer told me that these 4 shirts were illegal and he would contact the police if I tried to get them printed. Fucking Fashion Facist Pigs!! Finally after a dozen phone calls I found a printer with absolutely no moral fiber or qualms with whoring his services out and dropping his ethics to make a quick buck. Prai$e Jeebu$ and God Ble$$ the U$A!

Tsunami 04 Tour Rude T-shirtVirgin Eater Tasteless T-shirt
Pet My Pusst Obscene T-shirtAnti Bush T-shirt
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Redneck Rollercoaster Video

Posted on: 03/28/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Well, I was gonna make some cracks like “you know you might be a redneck when..” but after I watched this video again I’m thinking it’s pretty sweet. Hoping they send in another video of when the car tilts completely forward and squishes them like bugs into the ground.

Click to play video

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