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Funny Videos make Jesus Cry

Posted on: 04/25/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Another shitty Monday come and gone and I got nothing to show for it except a handful of videos. What’s up with “Funny Videos make Jesus cry” title for this post? I just got sick of trying to come up with descriptive titles, and it’s the first thing that came to mind.. so fuggit!

Personally I always thought to myself “why aren’t more hot porn videos set to really annoying campy cheesy songs”? Then I came across this amazingly hot video and at first I didn’t understand why they chose the song to go over this amazingly hot webcam chick masturbation video.. then about halfway through it became very obvious and fitting indeed!

banana phone webcam video

Speaking of banana’s, when I was a teenager in my mom’s house I got busted greasing my banana on a few occasions. I promise you the scene was nothing like this video. I think the first time my Mom called our church’s priest up and I got a lecture about how all boys who touch their “holy places” make jesus cry. The second time my mom ripped my covers off and started beating me with her slipper while my 2 little sisters laughed. This video kinda scared me for a second when the mom saus “I know it feels good”, thought she was about to jump in the sack with little Johnny! What fucking universe was this filmed in??
Mom busts johnny video

Now I have been told it’s illegal to masturbate in the privacy of your own car, but under these circumstances I’d willingly take jail time and a fine. Call me crazy but I truly believe that my car came out 90% cleaner after this car wash using super secret breast action cleaning techniques although now it needs an interior stain removal service!

Femjoy Iria

You ever see those live news segments and think to yourself “wouldn’t it be funny if” Well this is one of those “ifs”. Check out the hockey check this live action reporter gives the bitch lol!
boobs and suds videos

This video I just filed under “Things not to let your kid do”.. I think top one would be to teach a 4 year old how to kill ducks with a gun that can floor him. What the flying fuck are his parents thinking?

Kid shooter video
Things not to do when dealing with riot police who just beat up your friend… filed under “when a stupid bitch gets what she deserves”..
stupid protester hit by cop video
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Femjoy Episode III - Revenge of my Boner

Here’s another sweet sweet batch of Femjoy babes to ebake on. Femjoy is like the evil empire trying to suck the cock force right of me and it’s winning the battle! Can my boner really get it’s revenge? Does it stand a chance against these evil hot babes from planet Femjoy? Stay tuned for more.. Femjoy.com Episode III!

Femjoy Danielle galleryFemjoy Susanna gallery
Femjoy IriaFemjoy Verena picture gallery
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Met-art.com does it again

When Awesome Photgraphy meets gorgeous nude models, you get get Met-Art! The pictures of the models only in the members section are frreakin’ super hi-res quality… how hi-res? Try 3000 fucking pixels high res! If you join you also get videos, which if you check out the free met-art videos look pretty fucking sweet! I spent 20 minutes staring at their free cover art page and ended leaving some egg whites on the stove if you know what I mean.

met girl - best of pics met art girl marlene
met art Liza free gallery met art Nastya free gallery
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Videos cure “The Mondaze”

Posted on: 04/18/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Watching the BBQ banana video we are reminded of just how far idiots will go in that late highschool early college years for a little attention. Usually when you make it to the ER, you come off as a little desperate, but fuckit, it makes for a great internet video clip.

Those office parties are always fun, you get to hang out with the people you see every single day for way too long and can’t stand, add alcohol, a video camera and you’re guarenteed drunk chicks like this doing something stupid on video in front of the boss. Don’t feel bad, later in the night she lets him fuck her in the ass and she gets her job back!!

Ever wonder how fast an armless guy can swim? Pretty fucking fast apparently.. guess they won’t be calling him “Bob” anymore.

And finally my favorite new toy, Virtual Bartender 2… I can’t tell you how excited I am about this video. Just wish someone would make it with actual nudity so I can chuck some gogurt on my screen. To get you started, try the obvious words like “kiss, boobs, ass” keep guessing new words, I’ll leave my list of words in the comments so I don’t spoil it, if you find new ones, add em!

Click to watch a bannana get BBQ'd video   Click to view drunk office girl gets busted video

click to view and interact with the virtual bartender girls video   Click to see the armless wonder video
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