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Met-Art adds Live Webcams!


From Rabbitsreviews:

The site added a live cam feature called “Met-Live” that has 5 daily shows, each lasting 2 hours. Currently there are 10 exclusive cam models. Keep in mind that these aren’t your typical live cam shows; they stay true to the site’s theme of sensuality, erotica and female beauty. There are a few things that set Met-Live apart from any other live video chat on the Internet today, as I will explain below.

First and foremost, Met-Live is by Met-Art, for Met-Art. It’s not another seperate website, it’s not run by another company, and it’s a lot less hardcore than most live chats. The models are regulars, and from what I’ve seen from watching the shows, many of the members and models already know each other quite well. The chat is also heavily moderated, so you won’t see the normal crude dirty talk that you would on most other websites. The audio is great, the girls are sexy, and it fits in perfectly with Met-Art.com. Met-Art has never been about hardcore porn, so why would they start now?

And to think I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet - Met-Live is completely, and totally, FREE! There is no extra charge worked into the membership price. There *is* no extra fee. You can NOT take the girl to a $$too much money a minute$$ private show! She is NOT trying to sell something to you.

This must be costing Met-Art a small fortune, to have full time employees and three to four different models every day working for them. Not to mention the extra bandwidth being used by the video streaming. It would certainly not be out of the question for them to charge some money for this extra service. It just shows their emphasis and dedication to the paying members of their site.

Without the ownership and customer service that Met-Art provides, their content would still be the best in the world. Thankfully, that wasn’t enough for them. Their positive attitude, high standards and dedication to quality have made this the best site to be a member of today.

Click here and then on the silver signup button on the top left of the page, you won’t be sorry!

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Met-Art gallery   Free Met-Art.com
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VIVA Met-Art.com!

Met-Art is a breath of fresh air in this very stinky world of hardcore double anal fist fucking. They sent me this synopsis of what they are and I think it describes them well:

MET ART Was The First Site, Back In 1999 To Recognize The Importance Of Offering High Quality Photography To Their Customers, And To Offer HIGH RESOLUTION Photos Up To 4000px Res. (Currently The Only Website To Offer Such High Quality Photos). We Were Also The First Nude Site To Offer: Search Engine, ZIP Files, High Quality DIVX Movies. In Fact, We also Offer Hundreds Of Movies Featuring Our Best Models, Such As Koika, Narkiss, Andrea, Juman, And Many Others

Blah blah blah, they just gimme a place to look at excellent quality pics and video of classy (looking) girls that make me want to masturbate with my fine white gloves with my pinky stiking out and classical music in the background. VIVA Met-art.com!!!

Met-art.com gallery   Met-art.com gallery
Met-Art gallery   Free Met-Art.com
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Twistys Round Two

Twistys comes right back at you with a hard hitting Super Porn star set of galleries featuring Twistys hotter than hell pornstar centerfolds. Don’t ya love it when a hot Twistys girl reaches down and spreads her pink lips for the camera? Just makes you wanna lick your screen like an ice cream cone don’t it? I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been licking my screen like it’s a fucking postage stamp staring at Twistys.com and I am still waiting for them to do tonights update so I just hopped over to their Free Video tour page and almost busted a nut on all that free Twistys Video!

Todays Galleries feature the superstar Pornstar babes Kyla Cole and Monica Miller.

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Chloe 18 cums back

Posted on: 08/26/2005
In: Chef's Porn, Teen Models

Chloe 18 hasn’t been here in a while, and she got lonely sitting on page 5 of the archives, so we managed to squeeze 4 new galleries out of Chloe18.com for all you fellow ebakers! Forget who she was? Shame on ya! Chloe 18 is a hot size “0″ 18 year old brunette that giggles when you touch her nipples, yes, I have tried it, most of you don’t realize I attend all the industry conventions, and they parade these web chicks all over and you get to hang out with them and stuff.

So we were in a hotel room party and Chloe18 comes in with her pimp and after a few drinks I worked up the balls to go talk to her. I ask her about something stupid and somehow we got around talking about doing sex scenes and she tells me the worst part of the shoots is when the guy touches her tits cause when someone fondles one of her sweet little cherry nipples she giggles like a schoolgirl and they have to stop shooting till she’s done laughing. So I’m listening to this story - drooling with my mouth half open at the site of Chloe 18 sitting in front of me in a mini skirt hiked so far up I could see her cameltoe and she says “don’t believe me? Try it, touch my nipple” and without even thinking about it I brushed her nipple slowly and there she went giggling like, well like a hot little 18 year old teenager. This gave me many days of masturbation material and a long boring story to stick on this blog! HA!

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chloe18 Pics   chloe 18 gallery
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Twistys is not a new site, but a newly discovered one here around the watercooler. Twistys is on a lone mission to bring the days of the “centerfold babe” back and bring her back with a modern twist. Twistys snatches up the hottest girls and gets em all laid out in pro style exclusive high resoltion centerfold pics, and then pops out a video camera and captures them going XXX hardcore. So it’s like thumbing through your fave issue of playboy and then seeing all those hot centerfolds getting fucked till they grunt.. I love Twistys girls! Twistys is a good quality site and we will be featuring alot more of them in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Todays Galleries feature the Italian porn superstar centerfold babe Aria Giovanni and Susana Spears.

Twistys.com gallery   free Twistys
Twistys Pics   Twistys gallery
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