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MoshPit Girl, the next big thing

Posted on: 04/01/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Pictures

It all started with this picture:

moshpit girl pic
A hilarious candid moment of a fat chick wearing a shirt too small, fat flab hanging out captured in a priceless kick pose in mosh pit with some dudes making funny faces at her in the background. On it’s own, a very funny picture worthy of sending around the office and making it one of those annoying pic you get in the email from that one friend who has to send you every stupid picture they find to their annoy 50 people mailing list. Then the photoshops came and ohh they were so funny..


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Lara Croft - “The Fridge Raider”

Posted on: 03/15/2005
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Pictures

Click here to see Fat Laura Croft nude picsLittle known to her adoring fans, a one time favorite video game star turned movie star fell upon hard times. After they trashed the 10th sequel to her famous “Tomb Raider” video game series, Laura began a quest known to friends and family as “Fridge Raider”. Lara gained nearly 80 pounds over a 10 month period, and was unable to get any work.

Fat, distraught and desperate for a payday, Laura posed for a little known pornographer out of a sleazy motel in Encino California. Soon after these photos were taken her agent called to let her know they were going to be shooting a “Tomb Raider” movie, but due to her bloated condition, she was replaced by the trim and sex Angelina Jolie (thank god).

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