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LSG Model Funny Video

Posted on: 05/25/2007
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

LSG models recently posted to YouTube.com this hilarious video of them just trying to get their Eastern European models to do a promo spot for to show how frustrating it can be to work with one of these hotties. No porn here, just very frustrated and very hot models that speak very bad broken “Engrish”, yes that’s misspelled on purpose! Watch the first video, it’s pretty funny.. regular porn coming in a bit.

lsg models video

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ParisExposed Tampon Video

lol, ParisExposed videos have been out for 2 days and already the spoofs on clips from them are pouring in.. if you haven’t seen the videos yet than you wouldn’t know how many great opportunities for Paris Hilton Video spoofs these videos have.. Paris is an endless source of entertainment!! (last hilton post I swear!)

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Dr Spock gets Closer

Posted on: 10/14/2006
In: Chef's Humor, Funny Videos

Being a NIN fan, and a semi sci-fi geek, this creepy video of Dr. Spock seducing Kirk to NIN’s “Closer” caught my eye, very well done, see if you can spot the spliced in porn scene.

Well I decided when I’m too lazy to rant about something I’ll just post something that made me laugh or impressed me today from YouTube since they let you embed their videos on any site you want. Fucking YouTube tools are gonna make billions and I can’t even make a couple million running this site.. bastards.

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Tom Sizemore Sex Tape

Hey Remember Tom Sizemore from such great movies as “Blackhawk down” “Saving Private Ryan” and “Natural Born Killers”? Well he’s been hitting rock bottom lately with some drug charges leveled against him, and financial problems.. so somehow this incredibly fucked up 2 hour long Tom Sizemore Sex Tape gets leaked out and is released as aporn site yesterday called XXXTom.com. Now I have seen this video, and Tom Sizemore is obviously fucked up on Meth and doing some completely insane shit like sucking and fucking on 12″ dildos, no, not the hot girls on the tape, Tom Sizemore is fucking and sucking these dildos. Tom Sizemore is also fucking about 12 girls in a matter of a few hours. I know the price is a bit steep, but you have to beleive me this is one very funny, very twisted and fucked up Celebrity sex tape Tom Sizemore has on XXXtom.com Check out the free preview of the Tape on XXXTom.com to get an idea of how fucked up it is!

Tom Sizemore Sex Video
Tom Sizemore Sex Video
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BeaverBong …. WTF?

Have we as a collective bunch of Porn site whores become so depraved, so desperate for something new and more shocking that we have resorted to smoking bongs out of girls gynah’s? Well fuck yes apparently! BeaverBong.com has taken sex and vaginas to a whole new level of tardness, and goddamit if I didn’t laugh my ass off and get a little chub from watching these
BeaverBong videos. Smoking weed out of girls pussies! Now why the fuck didn’t I think of that!

BeaverBong videos   BeaverBong videos
BeaverBong videos and pics   BeaverBong video gallery
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