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Lil’ Kim Nip Slip

Posted on: 07/11/2005
In: Chef's News

Three weeks have passed since the last “Celeb Nip Slip” day, so I present to you on this fine shitday, I mean Monday a collection of Lil’ Kim Nip Slips! Why should Lil’ Kim’s Nip slip pics be featured over other more worthy celeb nip slip pics? For some reason, there is a group of about 5 of you out there sending me 5 emails a day begging for pictures of Lil’ Kim Nude. I think Lil’s Kim’s a Ghetto nasty Biiiatch, but to each their own!

Long live the Celeb Nip Slips!!

—— ——

lil' kim Nip slip
lil' kim Nip slip
lil' kim Nip slip
lil' kim Nip slip

lil' kim Nip slip

ok, so there’s not a whole lot of Lil’ Kim’s Nude pics out there, but ya know what? Fuck Lil’ Kim! Look at those nasty Malt Liquor bags! Lil’ Kim can suck my giant hairy moosecock!!

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